Established in 1985

At Jordan Ludlow & Associates, we are a family run business that has a wealth of experience with dealing with individuals and small and medium businesses.

We are able to offer great value in the services we provide as we have a highly experienced and dedicated team, and as we are a smaller practice we are able to ensure you have continuity with who you work with.


The main value our client’s appreciate is that we do not charge by the hour, we set fair fees which importantly include general advice and assistance throughout the year.

From now on, there’s no need to keep all
your receipts and invoices in a box.

Receipt Bank



Download the Receipt bank app onto your smartphone from both the Apple store and Google play.


Simply take a picture of your business related receipt.


Submit your items to Receipt bank app.


They then quickly and accurately extract key information.

Our partnership with Receipt Bank 

Work Smarter

With Receipt Bank you are able to upload digital copies of your business expenses into the cloud, which should allow you to more effectively record, track and store your expenses for your business.


No more lost items, paperless storage and more time to focus on your business.


Receipt Bank allows you to submit digital copies of your expenses to be uploaded and stored in the cloud securely – eliminating the need to store the paper copies of the receipts as you go. We will, as your accountants, also have access to these uploads, reducing the need for you to have to email, post or physically drop in receipts to us.